Definition of sizzurp in US English:



  • An intoxicating beverage made by adding cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine to a carbonated soft drink, consumed as a recreational drug.

    ‘his ‘fondness’ for sizzurp was really an addiction to codeine’
    • ‘He spends much of his time smoking marijuana or consuming sizzurp.’
    • ‘I sat and sipped the sizzurp until sleep took me.’
    • ‘It's good to see him off the sizzurp long enough — and out of the hospital long enough — to join her for this performance.’
    • ‘The singer has been frequently smoking marijuana, drinking the street cocktail "sizzurp", driving recklessly, and partying to all hours of the night.’
    • ‘He was arrested in June after airport officials reported finding ingredients for the cough-syrup-based concoction known as "sizzurp" in his checked baggage.’
    • ‘We're still trying to "prove" that he really loves his Sizzurp and has a serious problem with drugs and alcohol.’
    • ‘The soda bottles appeared to be discolored by the codeine, which is reportedly a sign they were used to mix the narcotic drink known as sizzurp.’
    • ‘He was in a medically induced coma and breathing through tubes after overdosing on sizzurp.’
    • ‘I made sizzurp in my mug and needless to say, the post-show trip to the bar was totally redundant and I was nearly nodding off in my seat.’
    • ‘After enough exposure to chopped and screwed music, you may well find yourself swaying to it drunkenly, as if you've been sippin' on da sizzurp yourself.’


Early 21st century: probably an alteration of syrup.