Definition of size zero in US English:

size zero


  • A very small size of women's clothing.

    • ‘They're not a size zero, and they're not sorry about it.’
    • ‘I haven't been a size zero in forever either.’
    • ‘The current trend for actresses and models to be a tiny "size zero" was " unbelievably disturbing ", Kate Winslet said yesterday.’
    • ‘"The problem now is that girls want to be a size 2 or worse, size zero," Lerner said.’
    • ‘"I call them the ' size zero girls,'" Wright says, " because they really do wear size zero.’
    • ‘I'm aware that neither do I have Shilpa Shetty's figure nor do I have to advocate size zero.’
    • ‘"I am a size zero, and I consider myself a real woman."’
    • ‘I was a size zero.’
    • ‘I don't think politicians should get involved in the debate on size zero in fashion.’
    • ‘In the fashion world, "size zero" appears for the first time, as does " man-bag ".’
    • ‘"If only I'd been a size zero."’
    • ‘Those with 26 and 28 inch waists will also be classed as the male equivalent of a female size zero and will not be allowed to take part.’
    • ‘According to the survey, six out of 10 women think "size zero" is attractive and 97 per cent think size 12 is fat.’
    • ‘The models you are used to seeing wear anything from a size two to a size zero, Stacy Nado is a size 10.’
    • ‘So when Baroness Kingsmill published her interim report on the Model Health Inquiry yesterday, I was not surprised to yet again see zero action on size zero.’
    • ‘Jennifer, who appeared much slimmer in a recent ad campaign, fumed, "Size zero doesn't make you beautiful."’
    • ‘"In Hollywood, women have to be size zero," she explains.’
    • ‘"So what if a model is size zero?"’
    • ‘"It just goes to show that you don't need to be a size zero to get the good work," said Miss Renton.’
    • ‘Eva Longoria has laughed off rumours she is pregnant, claiming that even after putting on a few pounds she is " still a size zero ".’


size zero