Definition of six feet under in English:

six feet under


  • Dead and buried.

    • ‘Now my American Dream is buried six feet under the ground.’
    • ‘In an hour or so, he's going to be buried six feet under forever.’
    • ‘Don't mess about with rockets and thunder or you'll end up being six feet under.’
    • ‘If looks could kill, that poor guy would have been six feet under before he even knew about it…’
    • ‘The ghosts of Bollywood just refuse to go six feet under.’
    • ‘Now, personally, I thought we had covered, bashed over the head, and buried this subject six feet under, but apparently not.’
    • ‘I swear if looks could kill Jane would be six feet under and rolling in her grave.’
    • ‘When I die, I want to be buried, in the ground, six feet under, by myself.’
    • ‘He could never be with me again, because he was six feet under.’
    • ‘She had harboured a hope that she could still get back together with Jake, but all hopes of that were dead and buried six feet under right now.’
    dead, expired, departed, gone, no more, passed on, passed away
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