Definition of situate in US English:



Pronunciation /ˈsɪtʃəˌweɪt//ˈsiCHəˌwāt/
usually be situated
  • 1with object and adverbial of place Fix or build (something) in a certain place or position.

    ‘the pilot light is usually situated at the front of the boiler’
    ‘a conveniently situated hotel’
    • ‘It is situated in an elevated position on this popular coastal road and enjoys superb views of Dublin Bay and Howth.’
    • ‘The property is situated close to a main road.’
    • ‘The church is situated in an imposing position overlooking the village of Kildavin.’
    • ‘No fishing license is needed, as the pond is entirely situated on private property.’
    • ‘A cafe is situated conveniently at the top of the hill and there is a pub within a few metres.’
    • ‘A church is frequently situated within the old walls of a fort, built of Roman stone.’
    • ‘The school is situated in an enviable position next to the River Thames.’
    • ‘The site was situated close to the Stanmore Town Centre and to public facilities.’
    • ‘The house is situated on an extensive site in a secure, quiet residential area.’
    • ‘The site is situated close to the golf club.’
    • ‘Recently completely renovated, the house is situated on a half acre site with side entrance.’
    • ‘This fine property is situated on a 0.5 acre site of private mature gardens.’
    • ‘These areas are situated at the base of mountain and have been cleared of all the vegetation.’
    • ‘The new university campuses are all situated near military bases.’
    • ‘This house is situated next to a renovated church on a quiet road close to the city centre.’
    • ‘Most of the craft shops are situated in a restored Edwardian stable block built around a courtyard.’
    • ‘The development is situated close to a number of large business premises.’
    • ‘The stations studio is situated on the dumpsite close to the homes of the participating children.’
    • ‘The six-storey building is situated on an elevated site and will have retail units at ground level.’
    • ‘This period three-bedroom residence is situated close to the Grand Canal on a street of terraced homes.’
    locate, site, set, position, place, base
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    1. 1.1 Put in context; describe the circumstances surrounding (something)
      ‘it is necessary to situate these ideas in the wider context of the economy’
      • ‘Articulating one's practice and situating it in context comes more naturally to some than to others.’
      • ‘It is clearly necessary to situate these verses within ancient Mediterranean cultural codes relating to honor and gender.’
      • ‘At various times in the last 25 years, the journalist and writer, Paul Kelly has attempted to situate Australian politics in the broad context of national ideas and discussion.’
      • ‘In the Conclusion to each chapter we have situated the material in the context of the relevant themes.’
      • ‘I will initially sketch a context to help situate the care of dementia patients and the termination of their treatment.’
      • ‘What both works do well is to situate a set of ideas now very familiar to students of environmental studies in less familiar territory.’
      • ‘And yet the context in which the judicial system is situated has changed radically in the last fifty years.’
      • ‘She situates her storytelling within a specifically literary context, and develops a double-voiced message, directed toward both a white audience and the black community.’
      • ‘We must describe the present, but situate it in the forces and struggles of the past.’
      • ‘Broken into extremely short chapters, the text focuses on the lives of these individuals, but provides little historical context with which to situate these case studies.’
      • ‘Our secondary goal is to situate this exploration and analysis within the broader context of continuing professional education.’
      • ‘Facing one's death when it is inevitable and imminent situates the person differently depending on the context and immediate past history.’
      • ‘The author situates his analysis of American experts in broad context, including short forays into issues ranging from the history of American journalism to contemporary debates over multiculturalism.’
    2. 1.2be situatedwith adverbial Be in a specified financial or marital position.
      ‘Amy is now comfortably situated’


Pronunciation /ˈsiCHo͝oət//ˈsɪtʃʊət/
  • Situated.


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin situat- ‘placed’, from the verb situare, from Latin situs ‘site’.