Definition of sitting duck in US English:

sitting duck

(also sitting target)


  • A person or thing with no protection against an attack or other source of danger.

    • ‘'He's a sitting duck, a victim,’ he said.’
    • ‘But nobody wants to be a sitting target, either.’
    • ‘They'll be sitting ducks over there with just High Guards as protection!’
    • ‘‘We're sitting targets and they're not,’ explains Shah.’
    • ‘It's just a sitting target for kids and we are always hearing windows being smashed there.’
    • ‘This left them open for attack like sitting ducks.’
    • ‘Patrols outside the camp perimeter are designed to deter attacks and prevent the soldiers inside becoming little more than sitting ducks.’
    • ‘Given its lowly valuation, a growing number of brokers believe that the car salvage specialist is a sitting duck for a predator.’
    • ‘When somebody's got a lot of money and the rest of the world knows about it, they're sitting targets for scams.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter if the human heavy tank can make itself invulnerable if it's just a sitting duck for air attacks.’
    • ‘Having lost their income, water supply, main food source and doctors, the people of the village were simply sitting ducks.’
    • ‘The problem is that a lot of visitors enjoy sedentary pursuits like fishing and sketching and they just become sitting targets for mosquitoes.’
    • ‘As one AU colonel recently said, ‘We are sitting ducks.’’
    • ‘We don't have to be sitting ducks and put up with this.’
    • ‘The children were like sitting ducks and had no way to protect themselves.’
    • ‘Kids can be extremely cruel, and I was a sitting target.’
    • ‘Once identified, the soldiers are sitting targets.’
    • ‘‘We were sitting ducks at that point,’ explains Rick.’
    • ‘I can see these people being potential sitting ducks, setting themselves up for this disease.’
    • ‘She was a sitting duck and didn't even know she was in danger.’
    dupe, easy target, easy prey, fair game, sitting target, everybody's fool, stooge, gull, fool, aunt sally
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sitting duck

/ˌsidiNG ˈdək//ˌsɪdɪŋ ˈdək/