Definition of sitter in US English:



  • 1A person who sits, especially for a portrait.

    • ‘Rembrandt's portraits of individual sitters are similarly energetic, emphasizing faces, hands, and dynamic silhouettes at the expense of costumes and settings.’
    • ‘A portrait is of course in the first instance a likeness of the sitter who commissions it.’
    • ‘The identities of the sitters in the Phillips portraits have only recently been discovered.’
    • ‘The paintings exhibit strong physical and emotional energy, derived from the direct encounter between artist and sitter in the studio.’
    • ‘The portrait conveyed the casual and relaxing quality of the sitter's personality, which is important in this work.’
    • ‘The sitter, presumably, was desirous of being portrayed and perhaps curious to see how she would be perceived by a celebrated professional.’
    • ‘Both sitter and artist would also have in mind the person who commissioned the portrait and for whose eyes it was intended.’
    • ‘In the portraits, sitters appear shorn of pretense and disguise.’
    • ‘It had long been accepted practice in portrait painting to depict sitters with prized possessions appropriate to their status and station in life.’
    • ‘He always portrayed his sitter as a distinct individual rather than a representative of his or her particular group.’
    • ‘The scrutinizing artist and his exposed sitters are all committed to the inert artifact that will outlive them: a photograph.’
    • ‘Later in her career she also did numerous portrait busts of distinguished sitters.’
    • ‘His style shows strong characterisation in his sitters and an exquisite delineation of costume and jewellery.’
    poser, subject, artist's model, photographic model
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    1. 1.1 A hen sitting on eggs.
  • 2usually in combination A person who looks after children, pets, or a house while the parents or owners are away.

    ‘a house-sitter’
    • ‘Response to the business, both from pet owners and dog sitters, was so good that she was encouraged to start offering franchises in October 2002.’
    • ‘The company specializes in helping pet sitters and pet owners connect to each other.’
    • ‘The pet store owners and staff may know of a great pet sitter.’
    • ‘Can the sitter leave the house with the children?’
    • ‘They hire a baby sitter and go together.’
    • ‘The only alternative left was to leave Fluffy at home and have a pet sitter come into our house.’
    • ‘While babysitting is legal at any age, parents should carefully assess a sitter younger than sixteen.’
    • ‘Some guy wanted his lawn mowed, another wanted help painting his house, and some woman wanted a cat sitter.’
    • ‘Word of mouth referral is a common way to find a pet sitter.’
    • ‘You can find a pet sitter through a number of means.’
    • ‘Today my parents were out and I had a sitter watching over me.’
    • ‘House sitters are the best thing you can do with regards to your pets.’
    • ‘She and Sam had three children under the age of five and another on the way, and if she were to work nights and he days, the couple could care for the children without hiring a sitter.’
    • ‘Is it a crime to hire a baby sitter anymore?’
    • ‘You can take them to a boarding kennel or you can hire a pet sitter.’
    • ‘We'll be gone for 10 days, and our two sons, ages 13 and 15, are begging us not to move a grown-up into the house as a sitter.’
    • ‘The safest way to locate a house sitter is to go through a house sitting directory.’
    • ‘The patient sought the company of his grandchildren and became their after school sitter.’
    • ‘The presence of the house sitter is the number one burglar deterrent.’
    • ‘A pet sitter is there to provide comfort, help, and care for your dog while you are away.’
    1. 2.1 A person who provides care and companionship for people who are ill.