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  • 1An area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed.

    ‘the proposed site of a hydroelectric dam’
    • ‘Construction recently commenced on the site and the building is due to be completed within the next 6 months’
    • ‘She said a house was being built next door on a site where a medieval building had once stood.’
    • ‘Maps noted significant sites and buildings in the town instead of street names.’
    • ‘They are urging planners to tighten controls to prevent developers from building on greenland sites in the area.’
    • ‘Dump trucks carry construction crews and equipment to nearby sites, where futuristic buildings reach skyward.’
    • ‘Historical monuments, sites and buildings also came under the scrutinising eye of the engineers preparing the draft plan.’
    • ‘Draw or paint a Building, Monument or a site of historical interest in your area.’
    • ‘It was told converting the building would add vitality to an area currently suffering from a number of empty sites and buildings.’
    • ‘The monument stands on the site of one of the towns, Khatyn, which burned to the ground in 1943.’
    • ‘Some roads are already built and construction of buildings on the site is imminent.’
    • ‘Until the structure changes we cannot get on site and start building.’
    • ‘Work will begin this summer on consolidating many of the buildings on the site, all of which have ancient monument status.’
    • ‘The new facility will be attached to the main school building and constructed on the site of the present youth club.’
    • ‘On the site of the demolished buildings he plans to build 63 apartments in three blocks.’
    • ‘East Riding councillors last week backed plans to demolish the Victorian buildings on the site and construct new offices.’
    • ‘The proposed site for the new building should not involve losing any existing public car parking.’
    • ‘The plan is to build a five-floor building on the site of the partly demolished Irwell Mill.’
    • ‘The university is hoping to build a science park and associated buildings on the site to form a third campus.’
    • ‘One day four town councillors visited the site, viewing the building from the outside.’
    • ‘The group is seeking planning permission on several sites and will begin building on others.’
    plot, lot, area
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    1. 1.1 A place where a particular event or activity is occurring or has occurred.
      ‘the site of the Battle of Antietam’
      ‘materials for repairs are always on site’
      • ‘Stringent insurance cover now means that many events require ambulances on site as well as first aiders.’
      • ‘The next night the police came and closed the site due to alleged criminal activity at the site.’
      • ‘They now intend seeking permission to retain and continue using the landfill site at Emo Park.’
      • ‘Some parts of the UK are running out of space for landfill sites and, where they do exist, they are understandably disliked by the local population.’
      • ‘Part of the money will be spent on sprucing up areas used by the public, including car parks, picnic sites and paths.’
      • ‘The number to call is posted as close as possible to the site where the events took place.’
      • ‘The Government wants the use of environmentally-damaging landfill sites cut, and it has set targets across the country.’
      • ‘Exeter designer Colin Lovekin wants to rescue old supermarket shopping trolleys from landfill sites and canals.’
      • ‘Although no longer as central as they once were, these plazas are still important as sites of social activity.’
      • ‘All of the 650 items up for auction were sold with a huge turnout on site for the Wednesday event.’
      • ‘Anyone interested in offering a site for the event should contact any member of the association.’
      • ‘School trips to urban farms, ancient sites and country parks already take place but more could be done.’
      • ‘They allow unlimited travel on all trains and access to all event sites on the railway.’
      • ‘In the event, 57 farms sites were infected before the first case was diagnosed.’
      • ‘Households in Wiltshire produce around 250,000 tonnes of household rubbish that currently goes into the county's landfill sites.’
      • ‘It is hoped that 1,600 tonnes of garden waste, which would normally find its way into landfill sites, will be turned into compost.’
      • ‘They uncovered a string of Bronze Age burial sites, Iron Age villages and an early Christian cemetery.’
      • ‘Amid the hurried activity at the school site, witnesses said a suspected kidnapper was attacked by a mob.’
      location, place, position, situation, locality, whereabouts, locale, spot, scene, setting
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    2. 1.2
      short for building site
      • ‘They organised a petition, lobbied councillors and attended a site visit.’
      • ‘Council officers were taking part in a site visit - and the locals turned out in force.’
      • ‘Agency officers visited the site and found evidence that a scrapyard was operating.’
      • ‘Each site visit was approximately two days long and was conducted by two researchers.’
      • ‘Panel members and planning officers are due to make a site visit in Otley from 10.15 am.’
      • ‘The move followed a site visit in connection with a planning application for a porch at Spindles Restaurant on Lakes Road.’
      • ‘A site office was established with members from both towns.’
      • ‘Last night committee members decided a new application should be deferred and a site visit carried out.’
      • ‘Nigel Williams, a council enforcement officer, visited the site in mid-May and found no action had been taken.’
      • ‘The property committee visited the site last Thursday before making its decision.’
      • ‘Ken Attree, 56, a site manager with the firm, said he was on a site visit on Monday morning when he received a call to say he had won.’
      • ‘A Pembrokeshire County Council enforcement officer visited the site and advised the company to stop work.’
      • ‘Most weeks involve a site visit, and this week is no exception.’
      • ‘Many children see sites as adventure playgrounds and are completely unaware of entering a site that is extremely dangerous.’
      • ‘Environmental protection officers were visiting the site today to find out if a seal of the tip had been disturbed.’
      • ‘Members of the planning committee will meet for a site visit on August 22.’
      • ‘Planning officers are not expected to prepare a report for councillors before late October and a site visit would follow.’
      • ‘Earlier this week a council planning enforcement officer visited the site and said that the billboards were not authorised.’
      • ‘She said an officer had visited the site and concluded that there was no nuisance problem at the moment.’
      • ‘The authority confirmed that environmental health officers had visited the site last week.’
  • 2A website.

    ‘the site has no ads and is not being promoted with banners’
    ‘some servers use cookies to track users from site to site’
    • ‘Free extras include a weekly email newsletter and thumbnails to add to your own site or blog.’
    • ‘Links get put on blogs because there is content on a particular site that the blog owner wishes to share.’
    • ‘There are many places to order your RAM, from your local computer store to online sites.’
    • ‘Most of the free blog sites only let you upload graphics’
    • ‘Find out how many visitors abandon the site after accessing the home page only.’
    • ‘Spanish Web site operators have taken their sites offline in protest at government proposals to regulate online content.’
    • ‘A Google search revealed numerous cases of sites across the internet that are offering to sell illegal goods.’
    • ‘Check online for sites selling refurbished laptops or check your local dealer.’
    • ‘While antivirus software vendor sites are not obligated to conform to any virus-naming convention, most do.’
    • ‘I've been blogging on other sites for over five years now, and know how reactionary we bloggers can be.’
    • ‘Many online sites need verified logins, they are actively managed gaming environments.’
    • ‘Community sites aren't blogs, although blogging may be inside them.’
    • ‘There needs to be URL blocking of spyware sites, and spyware should be in antivirus signature databases.’
    • ‘Search engines sites have always been free to anyone with Internet access.’
    • ‘The only way to be infected is to download software from illegal sites.’
    • ‘New techniques allow criminal hackers to compromise legitimate sites to download malware to your computer.’
    • ‘Personal home pages and business sites have in recent years been accruing at a rate of hundreds of thousands a day.’
    • ‘Now that you have made it possible to create a Weblog, return to your site's home page.’
    • ‘Police can already scour chat rooms and internet sites and will examine computer records for evidence.’
    • ‘External links may well be driven off the home pages as sites become larger and more complex.’


usually be sited
  • with object and adverbial of place Fix or build (something) in a particular place.

    ‘the rectory is sited behind the church’
    ‘decisions concerning the siting of nuclear power plants’
    • ‘The car park and signpost for the fishery are sited on a severe right hand bend.’
    • ‘The act of siting a caravan, in the open or within a building, does not, in itself, amount to operational development.’
    • ‘Siting new power lines is fraught with even more resistance than siting a new power plant.’
    • ‘We purchased a caravan and two Portakabins and sited them at the Barn.’
    • ‘Other schemes have been dictated by the resale value of the land on which the building was sited.’
    • ‘She added that recent reports said there was no scientific basis for siting masts away from areas used by the public.’
    • ‘Where are the various recycling bins that were once sited on the main road to the airport near the car park?’
    • ‘In countries that have been quicker to adopt wind energy, it is notable that they are siting new turbines off-shore.’
    • ‘Some residents are concerned that new bus stops being sited outside their homes will bring noise and disruption.’
    • ‘A barbeque area and several picnic tables are sited close to the main car park.’
    • ‘Mr Clegg, 82, has lived just around the corner from where the camera is sited for 49 years.’
    • ‘There are concerns about siting a new hall on the recreation field and uncertainty the current building needs as much work as is suggested.’
    • ‘So many competing radiation sources are sited close to each other that pinpointing any risk is problematic.’
    • ‘The city is sited at the foot of the Port Hills and when there is little wind a pall of smog lies over the city in winter.’
    • ‘Leisure lodges are finished in wood cladding or wood effect to blend with the countryside where they are sited.’
    • ‘Bosses at Flamingo Land are facing legal action for siting caravans at the park without seeking permission.’
    • ‘What are the most important factors when siting a small garden pond?’
    • ‘Factories were henceforth sited near coal mines and large towns grew up to house the factory workers.’
    • ‘The caravan was sited so that they could see straight into our lounge and kitchen every time they came in and out of the door.’
    • ‘Mr Armistead said Hutchinson had looked at other options for siting the mast, but none were available.’
    place, put, position, situate, locate, set, install
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Late Middle English (as a noun): from Anglo-Norman French, or from Latin situs ‘local position’. The verb dates from the late 16th century.