Definition of sit tight in English:

sit tight


  • 1Remain firmly in one's place.

    • ‘Then I guess you just sit tight with a good book and wait until the electricity goes off and your roof starts coming off.’
    • ‘A 24 - HOUR vigil is in place as the Lake District's famous ospreys are sitting tight on newly-laid eggs.’
    • ‘But, we don't have that control, and apart from securing our homes and having adequate supplies, we just have to sit tight and hope for the best.’
    • ‘Should we sit tight and wait to be rescued - and risk choking on fumes or being crushed in a tunnel collapse?’
    • ‘They assumed that the crowd would sit tight even if the arrangements were not up to the mark.’
    • ‘This was a good thirty feet away, and Peter and Julia sat tight, waiting to see what else was happening.’
    • ‘But the elderly man didn't get excited, he sat tight and waited for the emergency crew to reach his home at the top of the village.’
    • ‘Yet, sitting tight for hours, excitement in phases and muggy weather were all worth the effort as Yuveraj Singh ensured everybody went home with a heady feeling.’
    • ‘I'll just go take Blake to make arrangements and the rest of you sit tight.’
    • ‘Those that did evacuate we ask you just to sit tight.’
    stay put, stay there, wait there, remain in one's place
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    1. 1.1 Refrain from taking action or changing one's mind.
      ‘we're advising our clients to sit tight and neither to buy nor sell’
      • ‘His outlandish haul of major championships is the product of a cautious approach, a refusal to take risks and a determination to sit tight and wait for others to make mistakes.’
      • ‘There is always a risk in these situations that a player will sit tight for the remainder of his contract and still go to one of your rivals free.’
      • ‘We called the hospital, and they advised us to sit tight and wait, and call them again if the contractions started happening about once every five minutes.’
      • ‘All we can do is sit tight and wait and that is simply making a worrying situation even more difficult.’
      • ‘Sometimes you need to sit tight, and wait for it to happen.’
      • ‘Despite the impressive performance by the shares, those willing to sit tight should enjoy further rewards as the company remains remarkably good value.’
      • ‘For the rest, it might be better to sit tight and wait for the industry to pull its finger out.’
      • ‘Do they have to sit tight and wait for the Philippines to solve it?’
      • ‘There is still more to come, but we're sitting tight and waiting for when the time will happen.’
      • ‘It lost money for the first 15 months but I didn't have the funds to advertise it, so I just had to sit tight and wait for the reputation to build.’
      take no action, wait, hold back, hang back, be patient, bide one's time, play a waiting game
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