Definition of sit on one's hands in US English:

sit on one's hands


  • Take no action.

    • ‘With a moratorium, we, the good guys, are going to be sitting on our hands.’
    • ‘So it is not as if anyone has been sitting on their hands in this period of time.’
    • ‘And there's really nothing for Martin to worry about since most of those who would vote against him have even been driven out, have quit the party in frustration, or are quietly sitting on their hands.’
    • ‘The market kicked off the week in a subdued fashion, with few corporate announcements and traders sitting on their hands ahead of a slew of results in the US later this week.’
    • ‘So the fact that they can put out two press releases with identical content about six years apart, tells us that they have been sitting on their hands.’
    • ‘Many US traders were sitting on their hands ahead of a key update on the economy by Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan this evening.’
    • ‘But around one quarter sat on their hands, neither applauding nor joining in the booing from a group of about 200 people.’
    • ‘Most people are sitting on their hands and that is the sensible reaction at this time.’
    • ‘Personally, I believe some people, British leftists, have been sitting on their hands and not taking a proactive role in fighting terrorism.’
    • ‘‘The police are not sitting on their hands,’ Mr Sutton said.’