Definition of sister wife in US English:

sister wife


  • (in a polygamous society) any of the women married to the same man.

    ‘her mother and her sister wives live in different homes’
    • ‘A woman who claims her husband ruined their marriage by bringing in another sister wife will be leading demonstrators at the trial of a polygamist leader this month.’
    • ‘Occasionally, one wife will act as midwife and help deliver their sister wife's baby.’
    • ‘Vicky, a Salt Lake City woman and former sister wife, said religious doctrine plays a huge role in keeping women in polygamous relationships.’
    • ‘It would be hard to imagine the man actually being the boss in a house of sister wives.’
    • ‘Often, jealous older wives make life hell for their sister wives.’
    • ‘They are not only sister wives; they are sisters married to the same man.’
    • ‘She pestered her husband to take Elizabeth as a sister wife.’
    • ‘Carmen and her kids shared a home with one or more of the sister wives and their children.’
    • ‘Brown has a civil marriage with only one of his wives; the rest are sister wives, not formally wedded.’
    • ‘Ruth is a sister wife to Barlow and mother of six who has been in Canada 11 years.’