Definition of sissyish in US English:


(British cissyish)


  • See sissy

    • ‘While he was fond of the theatre, he was wary of music as bordering on the sissyish.’
    • ‘For him, all that dancing was a sissyish waste of calories.’
    • ‘Born in Ohio, he had an uneven boyhood, curiously dyslexic yet smart, sissyish in team sports but very competent athletically in individual competition.’
    • ‘Doting mothers adored the clothes, and the long flowing curls, but their sons did not like them at all, and found them uncomfortable and sissyish.’
    • ‘Their style was meant to symbolize tough, patriotic, working-class attitudes in contrast to the supposedly sissyish, pacifist, middle-class views of the hippies.’