Definition of sirrah in US English:



  • Used as a term of address for a man or boy, especially one younger or of lower status than the speaker.

    ‘you are foolish as well as insolent, sirrah’
    • ‘She drew herself up, pulled at the lapels of her tattered jacket as though it were an evening coat, flicked at an invisible cape, harrumphed a few times, and pronounced: ‘After you, sirrah.’’
    • ‘‘Just standard procedure, sirrah,’ the guard said, shrugging.’
    • ‘I'm a proud village idiot seven years running, sirrah!’
    • ‘Pardon my cheek, sirrah, but I am the master craftsman of this room, and I'll have no advice from the novice.’


Early 16th century: probably from sire, when still two syllables in Middle English, with the second syllable assimilated to ah.