Definition of Sinn Feiner in US English:

Sinn Feiner


  • A supporter of the Irish unionist party Sinn Fein or its policies.

    ‘he claimed to be a Sinn Feiner’
    • ‘He was an open sympathizer with the Sinn Feiners.’
    • ‘He joined Belfast City Council, the first Sinn Feiner to be elected in east Belfast.’
    • ‘They mistook him for his namesake, a Sinn Feiner.’
    • ‘Da has been chosen to be the election agent for a Dublin Sinn Feiner.’
    • ‘Mainstream Sinn Feiners were very disparaging of his decision.’
    • ‘In 1919, frustration over the lack of Home Rule led the Irish Sinn Feiners to form their own parliament, known as Dail Eireann.’


Sinn Feiner

/ˌʃɪn ˈfeɪnər//ˌSHin ˈfānər/