Definition of single-elimination in US English:



North American
  • Denoting or relating to a type of tournament in which teams or players are eliminated from the competition after a single defeat.

    ‘the new single-elimination format leaves no room for an off night’
    ‘an eight-team single-elimination event’
    ‘the top two advance to the single-elimination semifinals’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the single-elimination nature of it makes any team vulnerable.’
    • ‘So the single-elimination style of the playoffs lends itself to big surprises and huge upsets.’
    • ‘Single-elimination basketball season - aka March Madness - has arrived.’
    • ‘All games from here on out are single-elimination.’
    • ‘Single-elimination playoffs are about a team getting hot at the right time and having a little luck.’
    • ‘There will be little practice time, and the medal round will be single elimination.’
    • ‘The top four teams advance in each Group to form a single-elimination 16-team tournament.’
    • ‘The tournament is now single elimination, which removes any margin for error.’
    • ‘Some hearts are going to be broken, but that is the cruel reality that comes with a single-elimination bracket.’
    • ‘But Serbia has been playing better throughout the single-elimination round.’