Definition of single-copy in US English:



  • (of a gene or genetic sequence) present in a genome in only one copy.

    ‘P9 is a single-copy subclone’
    • ‘The presence of one copy in each of the three homoeologous chromosomes suggests that they were also present as single-copy genes in the common ancestor of the A, B, and D genomes.’
    • ‘We have only used provably single-copy genes from completed genomes, and therefore this analysis is different to most other analyses in this respect.’
    • ‘An important conclusion that can be drawn from the present study is that great caution is needed when selecting a nuclear, putatively single-copy gene for phylogenetic studies.’
    • ‘In each species, we determined DNA sequence variation of five single-copy genes located in chromosomal regions with either high or low recombination rate.’
    • ‘The endogenous AtHD1 is a single-copy gene located on chromosome 4.’