Definition of Sinanthropus in US English:



  • A former genus name applied to some fossilized hominids found in China in 1926.

    • ‘Why, he is the most irresponsible simian since Sinanthropus!’
    • ‘There is no reason to believe that Boule and Vallois were comparing Sinanthropus to a monkey, rather than an ape.’
    • ‘We have used, for the representation of the skull of Homo erectus, the reconstruction of the Sinanthropus, which has been made many years ago by Weidenreich.’
    • ‘Breuil and Teilhard discovered that the Sinanthropus, or Pekin Man, of Chou-Kou-Tien, closely related to the Pithecanthropus of Java, was a Homo Faber, i.e. he used fire and stone tools.’
    • ‘Peking Man was originally called Sinanthropus pekinsis, but this name has been discarded and Peking man is considered Homo erectus.’


Modern Latin, from Sino- ‘Chinese’ (because remains were found near Beijing) + Greek anthrōpos ‘man’.