Definition of simazine in US English:



  • A synthetic compound derived from triazine and used as a herbicide, especially to kill broadleaved weeds and grasses before they emerge.

    • ‘Many of the residual herbicides such as simazine can normally be applied directly over trees at any time with no expected damage to the foliage.’
    • ‘Atrazine and simazine are corn herbicides used by growers worldwide.’
    • ‘To reduce or eliminate this problem, use no more than 1.6 pounds active per acre of atrazine or simazine the year before planting soybeans.’
    • ‘Yes, there was a large amount of work done during the mid-'90s looking at atrazine, simazine and other triozyde herbicides downstream of food crops and downstream of timber crops.’
    • ‘Bioassays with lettuce and cucumber seedlings showed that simazine, a triazine herbicide related to atrazine, can persist in soils and cause subsequent replanting problems.’


1950s: blend of symmetrical and triazine.