Definition of silviculturist in US English:


(also sylviculturist)


  • See silviculture

    • ‘Scale is key to the success, says a San Juan district silviculturist.’
    • ‘Whitebark pines are what silviculturists term a keystone species of upper subalpine ecosystems.’
    • ‘Most silviculturists plant 1000 seedlings per hectare at $1.25 per seedling for a cost of $1250.’
    • ‘Wells then offers a series of journalistic ‘field trips’ that recount interviews and tours of the forest taken with the forest manager, a silviculturist, an environmental activist, and the forest's recreation planner.’
    • ‘His accidental career choice eventually led to his current position as a silviculturist for Tahoe National Forest, one he's held for the past 14 years.’