Definition of silverweed in US English:



  • A yellow-flowered herbaceous potentilla with silvery compound leaves, a common grassland weed of north temperate regions.

    Potentilla anserina, family Rosaceae

    • ‘But often I grazed fields like this one, searching for silverweed, wild garlic, cress in the damp corners.’
    • ‘Expansion of the endangered silverweed at Wolf Lake is another sign of success.’
    • ‘The undersides of the leaves are silvery with fine hairs, hence the name silverweed.’
    • ‘The Pacific silverweed prefers sunny coastal dunes to marsh edges, sandy bluffs, wetland meadows and mudflats.’
    • ‘After a last stream - beehives here - we're on a dead-end road with silverweed growing down the middle of the Tarmac.’