Definition of silverware in English:



  • 1Dishes, containers, or cutlery made of or coated with silver.

    • ‘In 1878 he won two more first prizes for silverware at the Paris exhibition.’
    • ‘With my rag, I scooped some rubbing compound and began polishing silverware for the banquet.’
    • ‘This cornucopia of all things interesting and Irish continues with a large offering of Irish silverware.’
    • ‘The last time he went away, he came home to find two of his serving maids pregnant and his entire supply of vintage brandy and best silverware gone.’
    • ‘Inside the building is the usual musty pioneer furniture, silverware and old photographs of men in hats and women in white dresses.’
    plate, silver plate
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    1. 1.1US Eating and serving utensils made of any material.
      • ‘In city restaurants that cater to foreigners, people may use silverware.’
      • ‘Throughout the city, the clanking of dishes and silverware filled kitchens as breakfast tables were being set or cleared away.’
      • ‘No one said a word, and only the clink of dishes and silverware was heard in the uncomfortable silence.’
      • ‘Sticky rice is eaten with the fingers, so one doesn't need dishes or silverware.’
      • ‘With an excited smile, Ally went into the kitchen to get plates and silverware.’
      • ‘She stood in front of the sink, a pile of dirty dishes and silverware on one side, and a pile of clean on the other side.’
      • ‘No, it happened when I was stacking my plate and silverware in the dishwasher, that's when it happened.’