Definition of silvereye in US English:



  • An Australasian songbird of the white-eye family, with mainly greenish plumage and a white ring around the eye.

    Genus Zosterops, family Zosteropidae: two or three species

    • ‘In the Margaret River region of Western Australia, for example, silvereye birds do more damage to vineyards when nectar from local eucalyptus trees and saltbush berries are limited.’
    • ‘There are still many native birds in the shrubland including bellbirds, kingfishers, silvereye and the hawk or kahu.’
    • ‘Bellbird, yellow-breasted tit, fantail, grey warbler and silvereye were common in all the forests and weka and robins were found in some areas.’
    • ‘The vegetation is varied and the birdlife is abundant - native pigeon, fantail, silvereye, kingfisher, grey warbler to name just a few.’