Definition of silver standard in US English:

silver standard


  • A system by which the value of a currency is defined in terms of silver, for which the currency may be exchanged.

    Compare with gold standard
    • ‘India was forced to remain on the silver standard.’
    • ‘Thus the United States was on a silver standard, but it was also on a bimetallic system of coinage, that included gold to be circulated at a ‘fixed’ exchange rate to the silver standard.’
    • ‘It had been on a silver standard since time immemorial before the Communists overran the mainland.’
    • ‘From 1789-1834, the country was on a de facto silver standard, from 1834-1861 a gold standard.’
    • ‘Of course, uniformity could have been realized by returning to the silver standard and bona fide specie payments, and reducing the currency, but there were few who mentioned this option.’