Definition of silver maple in US English:

silver maple


  • A maple of eastern North America having leaves with silvery undersides.

    Acer saccharinum, family Aceraceae

    • ‘This condition is most common in pin oak and silver maple but can occur in many other tree and shrub species.’
    • ‘Other species such as the silver maple are known to have weak wood that is susceptible to damage in ice storms or heavy winds.’
    • ‘Floodplain forest is thick with green ash, American elm, sycamore, cottonwood, and silver maple, with box elder near the water's edge.’
    • ‘For example, a pine or fast-growing hardwood like silver maple doesn't take up as much carbon for its size as oaks do.’
    • ‘A tornado obliterated a 461-point silver maple in Polk County, Iowa.’