Definition of silver iodide in US English:

silver iodide


  • A yellow insoluble powder that darkens on exposure to light. It is used in photography and artificial rainmaking.

    Chemical formula: AgI

    • ‘Today, either solid carbon dioxide or silver iodide is used.’
    • ‘Between 1826 and 1837, Niepce and Daguerre found that silver iodide was especially light-sensitive, and they used this discovery as the basis for their early work in photography.’
    • ‘Be sure to fix thoroughly, as silver iodide is more difficult to remove.’
    • ‘First up there's been a tremendous amount of scientific work done on the toxicology of silver iodide.’
    • ‘He secured patent rights to this which included sensitising paper with a coating of silver nitrate, followed by potassium iodide, to form silver iodide.’