Definition of silver fox in English:

silver fox


  • 1A red fox of a North American variety which has black fur with white tips.

    • ‘With his grey silk suit to match his hair, Vincent suggests a silver fox (the predator image is underscored when a coyote, eyes flaring briefly, crosses in front of the taxi).’
    • ‘The old prison is now a museum, and the nearby wildlife park has rare Scottish wildcats as well as silver foxes, badgers, deer and wallabies.’
    • ‘The protesters called on the Minister to show compassion to the thousands of mink, silver fox and Arctic fox confined in rows of small barren cages on fur factory farms in the Republic.’
    • ‘If the silver foxes can read human gestures anyway, Hare said, it will imply that dogs’ capacity to interpret gestures was simply a chance byproduct of their domestication.’
    • ‘The silver fox, a variant of the red fox, is a close relative of the dog.’
    1. 1.1 The fur of the silver fox.
      • ‘She left behind 15 mink coats, six silver fox stoles, a dress studded with diamonds, a bullet-proof bra and 2,800 pairs of her coveted shoes.’
      • ‘One technical innovation is Saga's fish scale technique which uses different fur types such as silver fox with mink to create a lightness of texture with pattern.’
      • ‘Dressed in an ever deeper purple, the king's robe was adorned with silver fox around the neckline.’
      • ‘She called up a mental picture of herself with a long, luxurious silver fox tail wrapped around her body.’
      • ‘I mean, the white blonde hair and the silver fox and the diamonds.’
  • 2informal A handsome gray-haired man.

    • ‘Mozzer, every inch the silver fox, cut a dashing figure in a dark jacket, slacks, and dress shirt.’
    • ‘The Wolverhampton Wanderers striker deserved every accolade he received afterwards from both Walter Smith and Marcello Lippi, the two silver foxes who were pitted against each other by this fixture.’
    • ‘After six years off the airwaves, however, even the silver fox recognises that things have moved on.’
    • ‘I wonder what happened to that silver fox Anderson Cooper?’
    • ‘Of course, vintage is in and debate will rage as the nation's dapper silver foxes go head to head with the lively young bucks.’
    • ‘I've yet to see any more mullets during Euro 2004, but with the Bulgarians and the bemulleted silver fox Rudi Voller primed and ready to enter the competition, it's surely only a matter of time …’
    • ‘But this weekend, the silver fox discovered that perhaps he was indeed too old.’
    • ‘Bill Clinton still had about half a head of brown hair when he took office but was a silver fox two years later.’
    • ‘Winona Ryder plays a dying young woman who is romanced by silver fox Richard Gere in this drippy, luxe love story directed by Joan Chen.’
    • ‘Suddenly this drop-dead gorgeous man appeared, a real silver fox, who turned out to be Oliver.’
    • ‘There used to be only one Silver Fox in American politics. Can there be room for two?’


silver fox

/ˈsilvər fäks/