Definition of silver-haired in US English:


(also silvery-haired)


  • Having gray-white hair.

    ‘a well-dressed, silver-haired gentleman’
    • ‘The grannies ranged from youthful 47 - year-old motorcycling redheads to unsteady 87 - year-old silver-haired ladies.’
    • ‘At a speaking engagement later that winter, a silver-haired, courtly gentleman approached us with a big smile.’
    • ‘Back in 1978 Michael Bennett conceived a Broadway musical called Ballroom, in which silver-haired dancers looked back at their younger selves.’
    • ‘Sports such as skiing, sailing, running and mountaineering have become hugely popular among the silver-haired adrenaline junkies.’
    • ‘About half the crowd were silver-haired, sitting politely in rows, nodding at the testimonials being offered from the podium covering the vast breadth of Rankin's career.’
    • ‘It's the kind of place where you'd expect to find a silver-haired patrician gliding across the floor in deck shoes dictating a letter to the Moroccan ambassador.’
    • ‘Diana Rigg's excellent Mrs Venable is a silver-haired solitary cocooned in a romantic dream about her son.’
    • ‘The floating condo complex for the silver-haired jet set rents out apartments ranging in price from a stupefying $2,100 to $7,200 (U.S.) per day.’
    • ‘Tributes to the silver-haired cleric who symbolised dialogue across the Christian world poured in to the tranquil Taize Community in a Burgundy village north of Lyon.’
    • ‘The dapper, silver-haired Frenchman had a celebrity status akin to a rock star among followers the world over.’
    • ‘The next London train is 20 minutes off, but there's no sign of his tall, silver-haired figure on Platform 3.’
    • ‘For the silver-haired generation, rising employment is not entirely by choice.’
    • ‘Her suspicions are well founded as the silver-haired lothario is currently carrying on an affair with their maid.’
    • ‘Bridget was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk when the silver-haired old man called out to her in his sweet but scratchy, strangely dusty voice.’
    elderly, aged, old, getting on, ancient, venerable, long in the tooth, of an advanced age, advanced in years
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