Definition of siloxane in US English:



  • A compound having a molecular structure based on a chain of alternate silicon and oxygen atoms, especially (as in silicone) with organic groups attached to the silicon atoms.

    • ‘Penetrants such as silanes, siloxanes and blends actually penetrate the brick surface.’
    • ‘The materials used to make siloxanes are the same as those used for silanes, but siloxanes form molecular chains with several silicon atoms.’
    • ‘I think that it's much more likely that we'll find life that uses different carbon-based compounds than it is that we find life based on siloxanes or some other framework.’
    • ‘The surfactants include fluroethers, oligomers of propylene-oxide, siloxanes, etc.’
    • ‘Silanes and siloxanes are actually just two variations on the same chemical theme.’


Early 20th century: blend of silicon and oxygen + -ane.