Definition of silk oak in English:

silk oak

(also silky oak)


  • A tall Australian tree that yields silky-textured timber similar to oak.

    • ‘This would be great property trees, except silk oaks are soft brittle trees that have a limited lifespan.’
    • ‘The silk oak is planted in India as a shade tree in coffee and tea plantations.’
    • ‘Grevillea robusta is messy and at up to 80 feet, too tall for many lawns, but its brilliant flowers are so full of nectar that they are tasty, and silk oaks are spectacular bird magnets.’
    • ‘Hibiscus, citrus, silk oaks, bottle trees, pines etc. all drop at least some of their older foliage this time of year.’
    • ‘The silk oaks were also to be removed because of concerns they might be a safety hazard.’