Definition of silk-cotton tree in US English:

silk-cotton tree


  • A tree that produces silk cotton (kapok).

    Two species in the family Bombacaceae: the Indian silk-cotton tree (Bombax ceiba) and the ceiba

    • ‘It is this spot that is featured in movies, simply because of the massive silk-cotton trees that literally grow out of the stone monuments as one can see from the pictures.’
    • ‘These kapok or silk-cotton trees belong to the Bombax family, Bombacaceae, which includes many fascinating, handsome and much admired trees.’
    • ‘The next morning I woke up after a deep sleep and lay in bed, lazily looking out of the window at the silk-cotton tree where birds were translating the morning breeze into tunes.’
    • ‘It has a preference for residing in the silk-cotton tree because the silky fibres of the seedpods resemble its coat and may act to camouflage it from predators.’
    • ‘Along the inner and outer ditch sides of the walls of Old Owu silk-cotton trees were planted at regular intervals of about 150 metres, though they were also planted in groups.’