Definition of silicic in US English:



  • (of rocks) rich in silica.

    • ‘There, Early to Middle Jurassic marine black shales and carbonate rocks of Pampa de Agnia and Tepuel are interbedded with andesite lava flows and pyroclastic rocks, and silicic volcanic rocks coeval with Gondwana breakup.’
    • ‘In the Antarctic Peninsula, an early Jurassic gap in intrusive activity was followed by widespread mid-Jurassic silicic plutonism in eastern Graham Land.’
    • ‘The silicic rocks are interpreted as crustal melts resulting from intrusion of mafic magmas.’
    • ‘The greenstone-hosted deposits formed in shallow water in association with basic and more silicic rocks; they have an underlying hydrothermally altered zone and contain abundant copper, zinc, and lead sulphides.’
    • ‘A consideration of Rheic margin tectonics reveals several possible source terranes for silicic explosive volcanism.’