Definition of silica gel in US English:

silica gel


  • Hydrated silica in a hard granular hygroscopic form used as a desiccant.

    • ‘Most closet dehumidifiers are wireless and use salt, silica gel, or other material to absorb moisture out of the air.’
    • ‘If you plan to use silica gel or other desiccant to dry flowers, you may wish to cut off all of the stems, leaving only a small portion attached to each blossom.’
    • ‘The samples were stored either in 95% alcohol or dry in envelopes placed in plastic zip-lock bags containing silica gel.’
    • ‘Consider using silica gel or air midsoles in your shoes plus polyester or polyester-blend socks to prevent blisters and keep your feet dry.’
    • ‘After 30 days, mature fruit capsules were collected and preserved in Petri dishes containing silica gel.’


silica gel

/ˈsilikə jel//ˈsɪlɪkə dʒɛl/