Definition of silent commerce in English:

silent commerce


  • Technology based on wireless communications and sensing devices that permits various business and marketing activities to proceed without direct human intervention, on the basis of communications between tagged products and controlling software.

    • ‘What we are looking for are other opportunities that silent commerce can bring to customer support and service.’
    • ‘Significant growth will also come from silent commerce - the use of radio frequency chips to tag, track and monitor objects as they move within an organisation or through its supply chain.’
    • ‘We're interested in technologies and applications of ‘silent commerce,’ where products and inventory sense the environment.’
    • ‘Welcome to the world of silent commerce and location-based services.’
    • ‘Accenture believes that, taken together, the combination of wireless, television, voice and silent commerce with more traditional wired e-commerce will create a new business environment - always on, always aware, always active.’