Definition of Signorina in US English:



  • A title or form of address used of or to an Italian-speaking unmarried woman, corresponding to Miss.

    ‘Signorina Rosalba’
    • ‘In one school, the headmaster announced a policy specifying that he would address the women by signora or signorina plus last name and the men by their first name.’
    • ‘‘No one is surrendering today, signorina,’ the chef bellowed.’
    • ‘Do you see the large man with silver hair, seated beside Signorina Rosalina?"’
    • ‘‘The signorina is here, sir,’ the man behind her said.’
    • ‘Philpott divided his time between watching the singers on the stage, asking me what was going on, and gazing thoughtfully at the Signorinas Rosalina and Lucia across the way.’


Italian, diminutive of signora (see Signora).