Definition of signet ring in US English:

signet ring


  • A ring with letters, usually one's initials, or a design carved into it.

    • ‘He later discovered two travelling clocks and a signet ring, family heirlooms worth £700 and £200 in cash were missing.’
    • ‘The most complete, and presumably earliest, is the gold signet ring from the Tiryns Treasure.’
    • ‘He folded the piece of parchment in his hands and, after dropping a couple hot drops of melted wax over the last fold, he took of his family signet ring and pressed it firmly over the ball of wax as it dried, sealing the letter closed.’
    • ‘A stone was brought and placed over the mouth of the den, and the king sealed it with his own signet ring and with the rings of his nobles, so that Daniel's situation might not be changed.’
    • ‘Finally, she sheathed the sword and then took the necklace with her signet ring from around her neck and tossed it to him.’
    • ‘These included a bronze brooch with panels of blue enamel with white dots in each corner, and a gemstone from a signet ring bearing the image of a stork with a small animal in its beak, thought to be a good-luck charm.’
    • ‘On to his little finger he slips a diamond signet ring made for the emperor by the court jewellers, Nitot.’
    • ‘When his father was on his death bed, he handed Levi his signet ring.’
    • ‘The third finger of his right hand bore his signet ring, which duGhent removed and slipped into his pouch.’
    • ‘The signet ring that Bruetar had given her hung on a chain around her neck, as it was too large for her to wear on her finger.’
    • ‘The King gave Haman his signet ring (so that Haman could give orders in the King's name) and told him to get on with it.’
    • ‘He took the large signet ring off of his finger and placed it on Veltrop's right hand signifying that he now was the rightful heir of the realm.’
    • ‘According to site director Gwilym Hughes, the signet ring suggests the owners of the farm had retained their high status locally after the end of the Roman period, entitling them to use a formal signature on documents.’
    • ‘The scholar then had a signet ring made in 1509 with a head of Terminus and the motto ‘Cedo Nulli ‘- I cede to no one.’’
    • ‘Here his tone took a more sardonic twist, as he fiddled casually with the large signet ring on his middle finger, which bore a large ‘W’ on it.’
    • ‘Dressed dramatically in blacks and greys, a finger wagging a black signet ring that bears his family crest, MacLachlan occasionally allows a shiny black lock to flop across his pale forehead.’
    • ‘Returning the signet ring to the king, Lord Basir walked over to the door.’
    • ‘His fingers were laden with diamond rings, and a gold signet ring was on his left forefinger, bearing the King's seal.’
    • ‘A signet ring functioned as a royal signature, a guarantee of the full payment of everything the king had promised.’
    • ‘He found a few valuable objets d' art at Bignor, such as a gold signet ring and a head of Fortuna, but these he recorded accurately, and valued more for their context than as treasure.’


signet ring

/ˈsɪɡnɪt rɪŋ/