Definition of sign someone off in US English:

sign someone off

phrasal verb

  • Record that someone is entitled to miss work, typically because of illness.

    • ‘Like 15 and 16-year-olds across East Lancashire they were signed off on exam leave at the end of last week.’
    • ‘When it first happened I was so upset, I couldn't go to work and I was signed off.’
    • ‘Insiders claimed staff were guilty of ‘time theft’ with workers going home early and asking colleagues to sign them off.’
    • ‘In the first place you don't necessarily need a doctor to sign you off.’
    • ‘His doctor soon signed him off work with severe stress and high blood pressure.’
    • ‘McGhee said: ‘We're all hopeful the doctor will sign Timmy off.’’
    • ‘She later sought medical help for pain in her right arm and her doctor signed her off sick for 12 months.’
    • ‘I just can't seem to get going on anything so my Doctor, who showed some genuine interest this time, has signed me off for a month.’
    • ‘They inserted a metal plate and signed him off from his job as a computer salesman for up to three weeks.’
    • ‘He published statistics earlier this year saying that 80% of illnesses in the civil service were self-certified - in other words they had not been signed off by a doctor.’