Definition of sifter in US English:



  • See sift

    • ‘Sugar sifters were used to sprinkle granulated or powdered sugar liberally not only on fresh fruit but also on sweet pastries, and the cream ladle was used to add fresh or clotted cream.’
    • ‘Men would enter the spray chamber, lift a floor hatch and manually sweep accumulated powder through the opened floor hatch to a powder sifter below.’
    • ‘The upper compartments of the mill contain, in the center, the main millstones and, to the right, a reciprocator working a flour sifter, each of them powered by a horizontal waterwheel.’
    • ‘The powder is filtered through a coarse sifter and put away in canvas bags.’
    • ‘We had flour on a tarp in the yard with sifters and measuring cups, bubble juice, face paints, and my son's favorite messy item: shaving cream.’