Definition of Sidhe in US English:


plural noun

  • The fairy people of Irish folklore, said to live beneath the hills and often identified as the remnant of the ancient Tuatha Dé Danann.

    • ‘In this prologue, I will explain the various tribes mentioned, namely selkies, Sidhe, phoukas, and halflings, as many readers may not have heard of them before.’
    • ‘From that point on they became known as the Sidhe, so they are as much ancient Gods and Goddesses as they are faeries.’
    • ‘Based on the Irish myth for Sidhe they are immortal and fair creatures.’
    • ‘‘I am Queen Twilight of the Sidhe,’ the woman said introducing her self.’
    • ‘He was Tamerlane himself, prince of the Sidhe, and a more tender, more noble being she'd never known.’
    sprite, pixie, elf, imp, brownie, puck
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From Irish aos sidhe ‘people of the fairy mound’.