Definition of sideways in English:


adjective & adverb

  • 1To, toward, or from the side.

    [as adverb] ‘she tilted her body sideways’
    [as adjective] ‘he hurried toward his office without a sideways glance’
    lateral, sideward, on the side, side to side
    oblique, indirect, sidelong, side
    to the side, laterally, crabwise
    obliquely, indirectly, sidelong
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    1. 1.1[as adverb]With one side facing forward.
      ‘the truck slid sideways across the road’
      edgewise, sidewards, side first, edgeways, end on
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    2. 1.2So as to occupy a job or position at the same level as one previously held rather than be promoted or demoted.
      [as adjective] ‘after the reshuffle there were sideways moves for managers’
    3. 1.3By an indirect way.
      [as adverb] ‘he came into politics sideways, as campaign manager for the president’
    4. 1.4[as adjective]From an unconventional or unorthodox viewpoint.
      ‘take a sideways look at daily life’


  • knock someone sideways

    • informal Astonish someone.

      • ‘But Preston were knocked sideways by the shock of seeing their impregnable lead suddenly wiped out.’
      • ‘The sheer wealth and size and richness of America knocked me sideways.’
      • ‘Every now and then, something came up which would completely knock you sideways.’
      • ‘When they performed this on TOTP, I was knocked sideways.’
      • ‘That said, most of what he plays washes over me these days - but once in a while, something comes along and knocks you sideways.’
      overwhelm, overpower, stun, stupefy, amaze, astound, astonish, stagger, take someone's breath away, leave someone open-mouthed, dumbfound, confound, take aback
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