Definition of sidewall in English:



  • 1often side wallA wall forming the side of a structure or room.

    • ‘He leaned back on the side wall of the Arboretum, his right leg raised so that the sole of his shoe could rest vertically on the brick.’
    • ‘Mottled red-gray slate tiles surface the backsplash and a long side wall; the counters are stainless steel or black granite with chiseled edges.’
    • ‘Barker hit a beautiful backhand cross court that died in the back corner and then got a lucky bounce on the side wall to get to 6-7 and that was when the game turned in his favour.’
    • ‘An ambitious aim was to make the classrooms fully daylit, but even a complete side wall of glass allows a daylight factor only of 3.5 per cent at the back of the room.’
    • ‘Much of the original concrete patio and terracotta-colored concrete pavers were salvaged to form a raised bed edging the back and one side wall of the garden.’
    • ‘There is plenty of light in this room with a window high in the arch of the side wall and two large picture windows giving a view to the front garden and the village in the distance.’
    • ‘Getting to her feet, Virginia wandered over to the bureau on the opposite side wall of the room.’
    • ‘The only other furniture in the room was a wooden filing cabinet on the side wall.’
    • ‘But at five-all in the second game, Geaves stumbled and hit the side wall with her knee.’
    • ‘Taking a rest, Laura stands near a side wall, constantly glancing at her watch again and again: 11:45 on the dot.’
    • ‘There was an extra key hidden inside a cluster of stones by the side wall.’
    • ‘The right side wall is all glass, and gives a great view of the brew house.’
    • ‘The new plaque on the side wall of the old school building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, first built in 1882, glowed in the early afternoon of a splendid New York June day.’
    • ‘A door at the left side wall opened to a small garden outside.’
    • ‘Kari turned back to the front, and caught Haul staring at her from across the room where he leaned against the far side wall.’
    • ‘The tavern was rectangular; a large fire place lay dormant along the left, long side wall.’
    • ‘The end of the pool table closest to the garage was at least eight feet from the side wall, while the other end was near a small closet underneath the interior stairs leading to the basement.’
    • ‘For getting the shoulder around into the correct ‘start’ position, throw the ball between you and the side wall to practice drives and drops.’
    • ‘A group of students stood huddled together outside by the side wall, speaking in low voices.’
    • ‘On the side wall is a mahogany serving table made in Charleston, South Carolina, 1750-1760.’
  • 2The side of a tire, typically marked or colored distinctively.

    • ‘Aspect ratio is the ratio between the width of the tire and the height of its side wall.’
    • ‘People want to look at the number written on the sidewall of a tire and pump it to that number.’
    • ‘You'll also find other information on the sidewall such as the type and composition of the tire, the maximum cold inflation and maximum load in pounds.’
    • ‘These tire shredders are incapable of shredding tires in excess of size 17 due to the diameter of the wire in the tire sidewall.’
    • ‘The tread portion of the tyre is tough, but the side wall of a radial tyre is notoriously weak.’
    • ‘Do I run the risk of blowing out a sidewall on my rims?’
    • ‘And avoid those tyres - a sidewall popping at just under 980 miles of usage is pretty terrible, in my opinion.’
    • ‘If you only use tyres recommended for your car by major manufacturers, you'll probably never glance at the jumble of letters and numbers on the sidewall, and never need to.’
    • ‘One procedure called for workers to poke an awl completely through the sidewall of new tires.’
    • ‘Mark the spot with a marker or crayon and, if necessary, take some measurements from points such as the ridge or sidewall that will help you locate the leak from the outside.’
    • ‘The heavy duty tires on your trucks and trailers have a deep thick sidewall that takes the first impact from the road surface.’
    • ‘When I was pulling off the old tires to re-glue them (the last owner said the tires hadn't been glued in around five years), the base tape came off from the tire sidewall in a few places.’
    • ‘David Murry: ‘Michelin makes a pretty strong sidewall on their tires, I'll say that.’’
    • ‘You will be able to know their date of manufacturing by searching for the three or four-digit number stamped in the tire's sidewall.’
    • ‘It's a loser's game to milk ‘just one more ride’ out of worn brake pads, a frayed cable, or tires with a threadbare tread or bulging sidewall.’
    • ‘Look closely at the cross-section and you'll see a cantilevered ‘corner’ of the tire where the tread and sidewall meet.’
    • ‘Despite its lower profile, the design of the new sidewall is more compliant over bumps and impacts, which improves ride comfort while reducing noise and isolating the car from road surface imperfections.’
    • ‘To identify a Kevlar tire, read the writing on the label or sidewall, or ask the salesperson.’
    • ‘The sidewall removal machine therefore will remove the sidewall thus enabling the shredding of these tires in the tire shredders.’
    • ‘The coupe's independent suspension is carried over, though the roadster rides on Continental sport contact tires that have a straighter tread and softer sidewall to reduce tire noise.’