Definition of sideslip in US English:



  • 1A sideways skid or slip.

    • ‘This frequently results in side-slips and accidents of more or less gravity to men and horses as well as cars.’
    • ‘Tom and I had been working all morning with traverses and side slips where the only release mechanism is ankle movements.’
    1. 1.1Aeronautics A sideways movement of an aircraft, especially downward toward the inside of a turn.
      • ‘he brothers had also encountered problems with "side slips" - the airplane tended to slide sideways in the air during a turn - so they installed semi-circular "blinkers" between the elevator surfaces to keep the airplane flying forward and gave the wings a very slight dihedral angle.’
      • ‘However glider pilots regularly use side-slips to increase their rate of descent while landing, particularly in the case of older sailplanes not equipped with high drag devices (spoilers or flaps).’
    2. 1.2 (in skiing and surfing) an act of traveling down a slope or wave in a direction not in line with one's skis or board.
      • ‘Speed control is the most important factor in mogul skiing and side slips and hockey stops come in quite handy in the beginning.’
      • ‘Then quickly pivot both skis under your body into a sideslip in the fall line.’


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  • 1Skid or slip sideways.

    ‘the weight counteracts the tire's tendency to sideslip’
    • ‘As quickly as possible I took off my skins and side slipped down a 45 degree hour glass to easier terrain below.’
    • ‘I side slipped down, almost losing my edge a couple of times.’
    • ‘From the middle of the court, or the ‘base’ (area where you should return to after each shot), side-slip toward the front corners.’
    • ‘Practice side-slipping to each corner, returning to the middle each time.’
    • ‘The ski/walk switch needs to click louder so you know the cuff is locked forward (an important piece of information when you're about to side-slip into a chute).’
    1. 1.1Aeronautics Move in a sideslip.
      • ‘Continuing at about 145-mph and a descent rate of about 200-fpm, we reached 3000-ft when number four engine cut out and the B - 24 swerved and started side-slipping down despite full opposite rudder.’
      • ‘Rick very capably side-slipped the airplane onto runway 14, rolled out, and exited the aircraft rapidly while it was still burning.’
    2. 1.2 (in skiing and surfing) travel sideways or in any direction not in line with one's skis or board.
      • ‘For example, when on the nose and I see a very steep section coming, I want to walk and hang ten and not worry about the fin coming out of the water and side-slipping.’
      • ‘Despite being enormously out of shape and enormous in general, I managed to catch enough waves and do enough 360s, side-slips and backward rides (some of them even on purpose) to win the novice waveski division.’