Definition of siderophore in US English:



  • A molecule which binds and transports iron in microorganisms.

    • ‘Intracellular release of iron from siderophores is probably mediated by special reductases and/or hydrolases.’
    • ‘The team is now puzzling over what physiological advantage the formation of these vesicles gives the bacteria over secreting simple molecular siderophores and reabsorbing the iron-complex.’
    • ‘These siderophores are low molecular weight compounds having a high affinity for iron.’
    • ‘These siderophores bind iron efficiently and are then taken up by the bacteria through specific cell-surface receptors.’
    • ‘Uptake of iron siderophores and vitamin B12 into the periplasm has been shown to be an example of an energy-dependent translocation process through the outer membrane.’