Definition of sidelong in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • Directed to or from one side; sideways.

    as adjective ‘Steve gave her a sidelong glance’
    as adverb ‘he looked sidelong at her with a quick smile’
    • ‘Rebecca gave Lydia a sidelong glance that could be interpreted as a glare.’
    • ‘We climbed the stairs, and when arrived in the kitchen, realised in a sidelong glance, that we had both blushed.’
    • ‘Shamus could feel his ears turning bright red, and a sidelong glance at Amber told him she was blushing just as much as he was.’
    • ‘He would steal a sidelong glance here and there, though she never knew.’
    • ‘Vicki cast him a sidelong glance and noticed the angry look on his face.’
    • ‘When he felt her sidelong glance, he cleared his throat and forced a smile as he met her somewhat dark blue eyes.’
    • ‘She gives me a sidelong glance from behind the white frames of her glasses.’
    • ‘Other diners in the cafeteria cast sidelong glances as they hear his Québécois accent decry the injustices of the street.’
    • ‘Beside me, Lucas was shaking and I gave him a sidelong glance, only to find him silently laughing.’
    • ‘I did my best to ignore him, which wasn't easy since he kept sneaking sidelong glances at me and then pretending he hadn't been.’
    • ‘She gave him a queer sidelong glance, and it seemed that her voice suddenly became too light, too careless.’
    • ‘Mr. Lake intercepted Sara's sidelong glance and sent her a reassuring smile.’
    • ‘They filed past, meriting hardly a sidelong glance from the fielders.’
    • ‘They'd asked how I was, expressed their shock, but under that there was the fidgeting, the sidelong glances.’
    • ‘He had to endure years of sidelong glances at the school gate.’
    • ‘If you see sidelong glances, rolling eyes or other signs of distraction, it's time to stop talking.’
    • ‘A lot of sidelong glances and knowing looks were passed around when people thought we weren't looking.’
    • ‘Teddy sent Christopher a sidelong glance and then fully faced him as he set the sketches on Christopher's desk.’
    • ‘I glanced sidelong at Brendan sitting next to me before exchanging a look with Josh across from me.’
    • ‘For those of us who are dependent, we need support, not sidelong glances if we tell someone we're on narcotics.’
    indirect, oblique, sideways, sideward, side
    indirectly, obliquely, sideways, out of the corner of one's eye
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Late Middle English: alteration of earlier sideling, from side + the adverbial suffix -ling.