Definition of sidegrade in US English:



  • A marketing incentive aimed at persuading a consumer to switch to a competitor's product.

    ‘a competitive sidegrade to Canvas or CorelDraw’
    • ‘Maybe… just maybe they will offer prepurchase at $349, that's the least they could do after advertising the sidegrade for that price.’
    • ‘I do the research and try to answer queries as to which item is an upgrade or sidegrade etc.’
    • ‘If you don't want to install the whole sidegrade and are just interested in the spell checking… just install Word and select spell check as the only option to install.’
    • ‘Technically, these are sidegrades, as you keep the original installations and merely get a discount coupon for the new full installer which you can install on the same system in a different folder or even on a different system.’
    • ‘For any use on another computer system, e.g. on an upgrade to a more powerful CPU or a sidegrade to another model, a new license has to be purchased.’


  • Switch to a competitive product.

    ‘I'd prefer to sidegrade to Windows Media Player 10 at some point’
    • ‘Having recently upgraded (or sidegraded maybe) from a laptop to a desktop based system, I was looking for something other than a mouse/trackpad for ergonomic reasons.’
    • ‘Because frankly, anything else is just sidegrading the deck, not upgrading.’
    • ‘I doubt you'll see huge leaps in sound quality if you're only sidegrading.’
    • ‘When you want to sidegrade from another products we will need the complete original product.’
    • ‘So Brad posts rightly that upgrading or in this matter sidegrading can improve the situation, but I think they are aware that upgrading does not solve every issue about chunking, and I think they are aware that many people still do not have the money to upgrade their computer out of the blue.’