Definition of sidecar in US English:



  • 1A small, low vehicle attached to the side of a motorcycle for carrying passengers.

    • ‘It was a fitting farewell for motorcycle lover Dennis Smith, when he was carried to his funeral in a hearse sidecar.’
    • ‘My goal was to buy a WWII military bike with sidecar and ride it to work every day.’
    • ‘There were heavy, two-ton personnel carriers, motorcycles with sidecars, and ceremonial sedans.’
    • ‘At one point, you'll ride in a motorcycle sidecar, and soon after, on a boat.’
    • ‘Don't you hate it when motorbike/sidecar combinations come apart in films and the sidecar carries on on its own, usually ending up in a duck pond or hay stack?’
    • ‘On Saturday, December 10, they will be bringing Santa to O'Connell Street in Sligo in a motorcycle sidecar.’
    • ‘There are also vehicles in the game like cars, tanks, sidecars, trucks, etc. that can be taken by the player and which, in hands of the enemy, especially the tanks, will be a real threat.’
    • ‘John volunteered to take her to hospital in his motorcycle sidecar, but his bike was hit by a truck.’
    • ‘Then he handed a smelly helmet to Raylaa, who sniffed disgustedly and just got onto the sidecar, a two suitcases stacked on her lap.’
    • ‘Gus rides a new motorbike with sidecar, while Mark drives a gig.’
    • ‘He went to Galway Races first at the age of four around 1925 and often reminisced with me about the old days, the war years, no cars, plenty of sidecars going to Ballybrit, bicycles galore!’
    • ‘Emphasising his portfolio of skills, the ‘friendly face of finance’ is this week interviewing the electorate in a motorbike and sidecar.’
    • ‘Unaware of this, Brenda manoeuvres him into asking her out, and for their first date he collects her in his motorcycle sidecar and heads out into the country with his binoculars.’
    • ‘How in the world can this Government think that a sidecar is a trailer, and that by passing a Motor Vehicle Sales Bill under urgency, we will somehow make a sidecar a trailer?’
    • ‘They have brought the 4 exhausts into one, with the pipe curling around the front of the sidecar and then going skywards.’
    • ‘Before he could protest, Raylaa had already disappeared into the porch, where the hideous sidecar and the motorcycle with the peeling red paint stood, worn down and decrepit.’
    • ‘Chariot's sidecar for bikes is ingenious, not only to its approach to mounting a sidecar to a bike, but also in its approach to the baby-transport problem in the first place.’
    • ‘So Xan takes his dad's motorbike with Duma riding shotgun in the sidecar and they head off into the wide yellow yonder.’
    • ‘It's like movie here, old, dose, shocking, the way we find, astonished, a perfectly preserved Nazi cycle and sidecar.’
    • ‘Jeff Brown applies the accelerator as his Kellet CBR Honda 1000 sidecar exits a corner at Eastern Creek.’
  • 2A cocktail of brandy and lemon juice with orange liqueur.