Definition of sideboard in English:



  • 1A flat-topped piece of furniture with cupboards and drawers, placed along a wall and used for storing dishes, glasses, and table linen.

    • ‘The living room as an everyday room with a sideboard, coffee table, two chairs, and a sofa became standard in European homes.’
    • ‘Danielle puts the glass down on the sideboard and walks over to him.’
    • ‘Alvin placed the tray squarely on the sideboard and turned three glasses upright.’
    • ‘A pot of Russian tea, her customary holiday beverage, simmers on the stove; plates of iced sugar cookies wait to be carried to sideboards and coffee tables.’
    • ‘Traditionally the Bretons have been skilled woodworkers, known for their chests, sideboards, dressers, wardrobes, and clock cases.’
    • ‘Reaching for a glass from the sideboard near his bookcase, he poured himself a whiskey.’
    • ‘Only having a Saturday to look for the bed, sofa, television, sideboard, desk, curtains, lamps, rugs and tables that we needed proved frustratingly restrictive.’
    • ‘In the end, the right wall only displayed an antique sideboard, the china cupboard, a quaint old rocking chair Brianna couldn't bear to part with and a bookshelf.’
    • ‘On the sideboard are English drinking glasses and a Pittsburgh cut-glass decanter of about 1830 that descended in the wife's family.’
    • ‘Stock includes dining tables, chairs, sideboards, credenzas, chests of drawers, lighting and accessories.’
    • ‘From a drawer in the oak sideboard he fetched another crucifix on a heavy chain and a pair of thick bracelets.’
    • ‘Unquestionably, the finest piece of furniture in Temple Heights is the sideboard in the dining room.’
    • ‘Cabinets or sideboards with height lower than your study desk and dining table instantly makes your room look so much bigger and neater.’
    • ‘As Washington and his new wife chose ceramics and glass to set a fashionable table, they also ordered new chairs, tables, sideboards, and other furniture, along with cloth for bed hangings and curtains.’
    • ‘The shop carries a range of vintage and first edition pieces including lights, chairs, tables, desks, sideboards and accessories.’
    • ‘Ian slides a glass across the mahogany sideboard for Lindsay.’
    • ‘Jamie placed the last picture on the sideboard next to his desk and settled back into the chair.’
    • ‘Recycled bureaus, sideboards, or wardrobes can create an Old World look.’
    • ‘The grade-A listed building is filled with Georgian furniture, including a mahogany dining table, a rosewood sideboard, a Chippendale mirror, four Chippendale chairs covered in red damask and two Hepplewhite armchairs.’
    • ‘Now that couch, the sideboard where Grandpa kept Irish whiskey, the china cabinet where Grandma kept the good china and silver, are all downstairs in my living and dining room.’
    cabinet, cupboard, chiffonier, bureau, sideboard
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  • 2British Sideburns.

    facial hair, whiskers, stubble, designer stubble, five o'clock shadow, bristles
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  • 3A board forming the side, or a part of the side, of a structure, especially a removable board at the side of a truck or trailer.