Definition of side street in US English:

side street


  • A minor or subsidiary street.

    • ‘Candlelight from the house to their right spilled out into the side street and a little into the alley.’
    • ‘Norwood Grove is a small, barely-known part of Streatham Common reached by going down a side street off Beulah Hill.’
    • ‘Barely had he collapsed when two others rushed to his aid, sweeping him into an ambulance that sped forward on cue from a side street.’
    • ‘They take their addresses not from the main road but from the side street so they can be easily identified.’
    • ‘A car driver approaching from a side street gave me a stark glance, wondering if it was safe for him to pass.’
    • ‘I was driving along in my car, minding my own business when a taxi drove out of a side street to my right and straight into the side of me.’
    • ‘The side street was quiet, but the four-lane super highway on the other side was less so.’
    • ‘The property on Alexandra Avenue is set back from the street and can only be accessed down a narrow side street.’
    • ‘There was this little coffeehouse down a side street that we hung out in all the time.’
    • ‘Alex lives on the third floor of a small building on a narrow side street.’
    • ‘A stream of cars came down our side street, indicating an accident on the main road.’
    • ‘It's not much of a building, just a hole in the wall on a side street off Central Avenue.’
    • ‘Motoring along on a narrow side street, you pull in to allow another car to pass.’
    • ‘We walked up the side street and took the alley to our apartment.’
    • ‘The suspect was driving along the A6 Bedford road and was stopped when he pulled into a side street.’
    • ‘Our hotel, on the corner of Nevskiy Prospekt, has its entrance on a side street.’
    • ‘Tucked down a Palma side street, the hotel combines a reserved, almost buttoned down elegance, with sublime food.’
    • ‘Traffic or no, I pulled into Portland Street, off into a side street and found a vacant metered parking space.’
    • ‘Walk down a little side street to the back of the church, where there's a little sign that says Elmore's Hall.’
    • ‘Sheet ice was so bad in parts that an ambulance had to be pushed from a side street by passers-by before it could continue its journey to hospital.’
    road, thoroughfare, way
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side street

/ˈsaɪd ˌstrit//ˈsīd ˌstrēt/