Definition of side road in English:

side road


  • A minor or subsidiary road, especially one joining or diverging from a main road.

    • ‘The house was a huge, white-sided, three story, ranch style house on a side road just over a quarter-mile from town.’
    • ‘After crossing the bridge take the first main road left, then the second side road left down to the river.’
    • ‘My understanding of the highway code when pulling out of a side road, is that you can only do so when it is safe, and when you are not going to force the traffic you are pulling out in front of to slow down.’
    • ‘Up ahead the black Chevy turned onto a side road that wound through the foothills to a regional park where there were picnic grounds and a little lake.’
    • ‘You are driving down a road, and a vehicle in the oncoming lane wants to turn across your lane unto a side road.’
    • ‘A taxi driver told detectives he followed the motorist, driving a metallic dark green four-door saloon car, for around six or seven minutes until it turned down a side road.’
    • ‘I pulled off on a side road, drove a few icy miles, and decided I was lost.’
    • ‘Take the centre lane at the traffic lights and turn right onto the side road.’
    • ‘One side road, on the approach to Million Dollar Bridge, ends at an observation platform overlooking Childs Glacier.’
    • ‘When they were both in, he started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot onto the empty side road that led to the highway.’
    • ‘This junction is particularly dangerous in the winter months as there are no lights whatsoever here, and it is virtually impossible to see where the side road is.’
    • ‘One day they decided to change plans and took a side road while driving through the countryside and stopped to have a small picnic.’
    • ‘Turning onto a side road, we drove a short distance and parked the car where it would be hidden in the gorse.’
    • ‘The traffic cleared a little, and I made it down a side road that brought us closer to her flat.’
    • ‘The plans are for the entrance to be located on Valley Road and the exit to be located on a small side road.’
    • ‘We cut across the other three lanes of traffic, and onto a small side road.’
    • ‘A blue Renault Megane was found abandoned a short time later on a side road between Tyldesley Road and Millers Lane.’
    • ‘Right before you turn into the cemetery, there's a little side road, unnamed, that's made entirely of dirt and pebbles.’
    • ‘Set on a side road with a nondescript exterior, the restaurant has a cozy interior with just enough light to see your companions and meal.’
    • ‘Travel 5 km up the side road and you cannot miss the complex.’
    road, thoroughfare, way
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side road

/ˈsaɪd ˌroʊd//ˈsīd ˌrōd/