Definition of side plate in English:

side plate


  • A plate smaller than a dinner plate, used for bread or other accompaniments to a meal.

    • ‘We had made a pre-dinner pact to share the spoils, so when our starters arrived we asked for two side plates so we could divvy them up.’
    • ‘Two slices of toast, a pat of butter and a blob of marmalade were on a side plate accompanied by a glass of ice water.’
    • ‘This includes dinner, oval and side plates, footed bowls and coffee mugs, with prices from €6.30.’
    • ‘Pretty patchwork place mats were placed on a crisp white linen tablecloth with a side plate full of gleaming cutlery, all illuminated by a large church candle.’
    • ‘The smoked salmon was succulent and tender and came with some excellent home made walnut and raisin bread, I was disappointed though that we were not given any other bread, despite having side plates and butter on the table.’
    • ‘Both side plates were wet and one had crumbs on it.’
    • ‘And then there were the endless soft pretzels, another local favourite that is often the size of a side plate and topped with mass-produced mustard.’
    • ‘She retaliated by taking his muffin from his side plate and took a bite from it… much to his amazement!’
    • ‘The Meadows and Byrne collection includes table linen to match each of their Christmas ranges as well as a range of seasonal dinner services including the best-selling reindeer mugs and accompanying side plates.’
    • ‘The service was totally shocking, and we had to ask for everything we wanted - drinks, napkins, side plates, ground black pepper, and so on.’
    • ‘They are also supplemented with the side plates, soup and desert bowls.’
    • ‘An alarming spill of red pepper-tinted olive oil floods the hills and valleys of this dish, but I say pour it off onto a side plate and enjoy the dish's own flavor pyrotechnics, which are a blast.’
    • ‘One of my favourite dishes was the Rodopski Klin - a round cake, about the size of a side plate and just more than a centimetre thick, with a thin skin of filo pastry holding together a mixture of rice, cheese and yoghurt.’
    • ‘Two bowls, a tiny side plate, a pair of chopsticks and a cloth square were all wrapped in another square like an Oriental version of the mess kit she used in Girl Guides.’
    • ‘Just ask for an extra side plate, knife and fork.’
    • ‘I ordered tagliatelle with tomato and basil with some roast suckling pig on a side plate.’
    • ‘Both were served with just the right amount of fresh vegetables on a side plate.’
    • ‘Sure, they could do a few things better: we need more paper napkins to wipe our greedy hands, dinner-sized plates would be nicer to eat from than the side plates provided, and our bill came to the table before we could order dessert.’
    dish, platter, bowl, salver
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side plate

/ˈsīd ˌplāt//ˈsaɪd ˌpleɪt/