Definition of side dish in US English:

side dish


  • A dish served as subsidiary to the main one.

    ‘both were served with an excellent side dish of fresh vegetables’
    • ‘We also shared the side dish of the day which was delicious pan-fried mushrooms and fresh green beans with mixed herbs.’
    • ‘This recipe makes enough to serve four as a main course, more as a side dish.’
    • ‘The chefs had 60 minutes to prepare and cook one main curry dish and one side dish with rice or bread.’
    • ‘In home kitchens, fiber-rich pearled barley can be added to stuffings, or served as a side dish - like rice.’
    • ‘Rice pilaf, which sometimes contains currants and pine nuts, is served as a side dish.’
    • ‘The leaves were boiled or stir-fried and served as a side dish.’
    • ‘Bulgur can also be served as an entrée or side dish with seasonings, vegetables, nuts or small amounts of meat or fish.’
    • ‘Polenta, a mush made of cornmeal, is often served as a side dish, especially in northern Italy.’
    • ‘Both main courses were served with a side dish of vegetables, including some rather elderly cabbage smeared in melted butter.’
    • ‘A typical Korean meal includes soup, rice served with grains or beans, and kimchi served as a side dish.’
    • ‘Because of the use of spices and curry for the main dish, the usual side dish is plain rice.’
    • ‘The key to creating a great side dish is not only fresh ingredients, but seasonal ones as well.’
    • ‘Miso soup, a traditional soybean-based side dish, is ‘just full of nutrients,’ she said.’
    • ‘Grits for breakfast, or served as a side dish, are long-established dishes of the southern states.’
    • ‘Also, focus your meals around vegetables and grains, using meat as a side dish or condiment rather than the main attraction.’
    • ‘Serve thyme-roasted vegetables warm with brown rice or polenta as a main course, or by themselves as a side dish.’
    • ‘There was a large bowl of spaghetti, a dish of meatballs and tomato sauce, and another side dish of long breadsticks.’
    • ‘This cornmeal batter, fried and served as a side dish, has become an icon in southern fare.’
    • ‘Top with crumbled feta or freshly grated Asiago or Parmesan cheese and serve as a side dish.’
    • ‘The side dish of salad was excellent and featured traditional salad ingredients as well as delicious slices of fresh mango and avocado.’


side dish

/ˈsaɪd ˌdɪʃ//ˈsīd ˌdiSH/