Definition of sickliness in US English:



  • See sickly

    • ‘What is inherited is not the sickness but sickliness: the lack of strength to resist the danger of infections, etc., the broken resistance; morally speaking, resignation and meekness in face of the enemy.’
    • ‘Loving my children seemed to solve any problem they had - even discovering Kyle had cystic fibrosis at the age of seven - this was the reason for his low weight and sickliness as a baby.’
    • ‘Then, in 1858, when malaria in the valley and foothills reached epidemic proportions, Logan attributed the region's sickliness to the environmental changes associated with mining and farming.’
    • ‘It was well worth venturing out in spite of my lingering sickliness.’
    • ‘But Chopin, too, fits certain pariah stereotypes: of effeminacy, sickliness, even degeneracy.’